Zapier looks a lot if (see our article) and they claim to have 100 "zaps" or processes to handle RSS feeds. Some are interesting, like:

  • create an RSS feed of new track for artists you follow on SoundCloud
  • create an RSS feed from a Google Spreadsheet
  • receive and SMS text when one of your favorite RSS feeds is updated
  • create an RSS feed of new Google Docs in a folder
  • post new GitHub notifications on an RSS feed

and so on. Zapier's claim to fame seems to be that they've figured out all the APIs for all types of Google documents and can trigger just about anything off of them.

As to pricing, there's a free plan that gives you 5 zaps and 100 notifications per month, just enough to get your feet wet. Then $20, $50, $75 and $125 per month. ZAP!